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What to buy when Escentual takes 1/3 off French Pharmacy

This past week has been CRAZY. Everything is happening at once with no signs of slowing down.

  • Sunday, The Compulsive Consumer was meant to re-launch as Betty Spender, and instead malfunctioned dramatically.
  • Monday saw me frantically – and covertly – trying to live chat with IT support while doing my actual job after only 4 hours panic stricken sleep.
  • Tuesday was contractor quote day at the ‘Fixer-Upper’ where I also found out the previous owner had just glued the bathroom tiles to the wall with Liquid Nails. I mean, what the Actual F***? No grout, just tile GLUED to bare plaster!
  • Wednesday was conference-call-and-paperwork-city, punctuated by obsessing over the final details of bathroom and laundry design.
  • Thursday and Friday are a blur, but I’m sure they involved a bunch of spreadsheets and planning for the new retail season. I’m actually meant to wear glasses, but don’t most of the time, and now find it absolutely necessary after the constant screen-gazing this week. I close my eyes and I see spreadsheet cells with broken formulae. Someone bring me a Gin and Tonic!
  • Saturday brought more contractors, and quotes, and solidification of designs and plans and much scraping of Liquid Nails!  If I have to make another decision, I will have a breakdown.
  • Sunday was full of Ikea trawling and sample tile sourcing and many many brochures followed my much needed bubbles and blue cheese with my friends and yet another late night.

I’m exhausted. My brain has turned to mush. And then I find out go have gone and taken up to 1/3 off their French Pharmacy for the rest of January. It never rains, but it pours!

This kind of decision-making for me is more like leisure time though. I could obsess over the details of what to put in my cart and feel like its the best kind of relaxation. Others might find it anxiety-inducing, but you know, thats why I’m here.

Escentual run this French Pharmacy promotion OFTEN so don’t go and buy it all full price when you don’t have to. Time it right and always get your products 33% off.  As for what to buy, I got you. These are my favourites. Tried, tested and constantly repurchased. Continue Reading