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My lovely new insta-bud Karlie tagged me in The Best Of Skincare tag making the rounds of the Instagram skincare community. Of course, I couldn’t be succinct enough to post within the word limit on Instagram. Short answers are not my super-power. So this is the full version here:

1. What’s your skin type?

Temperamental: Oily, dehydrated, hormonal, sensitive – but not in a predictable way.

First signs of ageing: loss of firmness, pigmentation – although I did get carded today by someone who was clearly 15 years my junior so I must be doing something right.

2. How do you store your skincare products?

Haphazardly – I am not careful. I have product in my bathroom(s), office, handbag, glove compartment of my car and duplicates pre-packed in a suitcase for business travel. There is one product also in my fridge – hydrogel eye masks – so they are extra soothing when applied, nothing to do with preserving them.

I do keep jars hygienic, but I figure if any of my products ‘turn’ before I’m finished using them, I’ve held on to them too long. (Or I’ve got too much stuff)

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