About Betty Spender

Who is Betty?

Well, firstly, I am not Betty. I am Natalie, but I wish I was Betty.

This, is Betty. She’s a little bit Doris Day, a little bit Mad Men and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to a sale.

Betty is a Shopping Guru. Equal parts Angel On Your Shoulder and Diabolical Enabler, one minute she’s steering you clear of imminent buyer’s remorse and the next, she’s tempting you with her latest bargainous find!

Born out of an llustration I created for a post on The Compulsive Consumer, Betty has come to represent my idea of the Perfect Customer. The unicorn of the retail world. She knows exactly how to handle herself and she never pays full price.

The exceptions to that rule being Chanel. And anything Limited Edition. Of course.

Betty is my Spirit Animal. My Mascot. My Alter-Ego.  And the inspiration behind this site. Long live Betty!


About Natalie

Hey! I’m Natalie. I buy stuff and write about it. I also work in retail and I write about that too. When I’m not writing or working I’m renovating my house. And that pretty much sums up my life: Selling, buying, design, creation, mess, grand plans, getting dirty, scrubbing up nice again, rinse and repeat.

I’m a jump right in and work things out as I go kinda gal. In mid 2015 on a whim I started a blog called The Compulsive Consumer with the aim of it being a resource for shoppers who wanted to know how to get the best from their retail expeditions. Literally a blog about what to buy, and how to shop for it. Lord knows in real life I get asked those exact questions all the time. I might as well write all my advice down so everyone can benefit right?

Since then the direction I envisioned for The Compulsive Consumer has changed somewhat, and so Betty Spender was born.

Retail life is still the central theme running through this site.  I’ve worked in retail literally since I’ve worked, period. Like most, it was not my first choice of careers. I fell into it when I was a budding design student, never bloomed as a designer and consequently never fell out of retail. But thats ok. I’m actually bloody good at it.

So here I am, Natalie Banks, writer of Betty Spender, repressed designer, part-time renovator and full-time retail-insider.
Pleased to meet you! What’s your name?