A Word on Affiliate Links

Betty Spender exists because I saw a huge gap in what customers needed to know about retail, and what they actually knew. So in the spirit of full disclosure, and being informed consumers, I want to tell you about my philosophy on affiliate links.

I use them.
But I don’t use them indiscriminately.

I only want to affiliate this website with the very best content and with that in mind the links I choose to include have been chosen very carefully. Here is the simple guide I use:

  1. Is it a product/service I have personally used and loved? And when I say used, I mean repeatedly, not just once.
  2. Is it a place I shop, whether online or in person, that has value for my readers and I would personally recommend to my friends?
  3. Is it a person I trust? An Author, Blogger, YouTuber, or other ‘influencer’ that I myself have turned to over and over again as a resource of useful information and advice.

If it doesn’t fit these criteria, then I don’t post about it, let alone link to it.
Rest assured, I’ve got your back.

What are affiliate links?

By clicking the links inside the posts on Betty Spender, I may make a small commission from the companies/brands/services they relate to. Not all of the links are affiliated. Content always comes first and I will continue to recommend things I’m not affiliated with because I simply believe in them.

It helps you, because you know the product or service comes recommended and has been vetted by my own experience. Betty Spender is a searchable resource so you can find the information you are looking for and only view the content you’re interested in.
I personally have a dislike for the overuse of banner and pop up ads. To the point I may never visit a site again because they’re intrusive and usually unrelated to what I’m searching for. I don’t do this. Any links in posts have been chosen specifically because they are related to the content and useful to you, my readers. Any banner advertising will be confined to the sidebar or bottom of posts and be chosen carefully to align with this site’s message of consuming wisely, whatever that may be.

It helps me, because it supports the cost of running this website. Which enables me to keep delivering the content you want to read. And thus the circle of retail and blogs and life keeps revolving.