Lessons In Retail Etiquette

Lessons In Retail Etiquette

This post is not new. I posted it over 6 months ago and since then its been buried with more recent content. I’m reposting it today as it gets the the heart of why I started The Compulsive Consumer. Its very simple:

“Sales Assistants get training; Customers do not.”

And here is where the problems start. For staff and for shoppers.

I’ve spent more than half my life in retail, from frontline selling, to management and supply. When I’m not selling something, I’m often buying something! My experience, as both retailer and (compulsive) consumer, has shown me that 90% of customers do not know what they are doing/or what is expected of them when they enter a store. This will inevitably lead them into trouble in one of two ways: conflict with the sales staff, or getting fleeced at the register.

When we enter a store as a shopper we all expect the sales assistants helping us to be capable and have a minimum of professionalism. Our expectations include the staff member being friendly and polite, attentive, knowledgable about their products and proficient at processing sales. At the very least.

Now for a moment, lets take a look at how we (customers) stack up against the same expectations… Be honest. Are you replying to the staff’s greeting? Or are you scuttling past them without acknowledgement and a mobile phone clamped to your head?

Customer Training

Its something that I see a lot. The customer’s shopping experience is just as often let down by the customer as it is the staff. Our behaviour in store will absolutely have an impact on the price we pay at the register. As well as the level of service you receive, invitations to special event, samples, whether in store policies can be bent ‘just for you’ or remain firmly rigid.

So…Welcome The Compulsive Consumer’s Lessons in Retail Etiquette! In this blog series, I aim to take your retail game from Bush League to Pro by making you a better Customer.
Revolutionary, I know!

Your Sales Assistant will thank you for it. And you will reap the rewards.

Retail People – let me know in the comments what your biggest customer behaviour beefs are. This is your chance to inform the direction of this Customer Service Training Module.

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  • Reply Emma April 16, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Treating you as a sub human. I may not earn a great deal and what I do may not be curing cancer but manners and being polite don’t cost anything. I am a person, not your servant.

    • Reply CC April 17, 2016 at 12:17 am

      I always made the point of asking customers if they were being ‘helped’ rather than ‘served’ because I’m not a sales servant, I’m a sales assistant!

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