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Retail Enabler #1: Allure Magazine

Let us tell you a tale…

The year is 1996. CC has not yet turned 13 and her sense of fashion is equal parts the influence of her Mother’s taste and the discovery of Alternative Music and Grunge. Yes. We’re talking plaid shirts, baggy army surplus, and Doc Martins mixed with clothes designed for women 30 years older. Everything is 2 sizes too big. She parts her hair in the middle and hasn’t yet come to terms with how to manage her cowlicks. Or that she has very full, but oddly short eyebrows. A look we like to call the ‘half-brow’ – tadpoles with no tails. She is at that horrible stage in a teenager’s metamorphosis where she is no longer child, but not yet adult. Trapped in the gawky awkwardness that our parents insist on documenting pictorially in family photos. The ones we spend the next 20 years systematically hunting and destroying before the same non-tech savvy parents post and tag them on Facebook.


April 1996. The issue that started the obsession.

And then CC has a cinderella moment. Her fairy-god-mother? Allure Magazine.

Its no small miracle that this magazine ever made it into her hands. Firstly, its only available in Australia by airfreight (STILL!). Secondly, she grew up in a town 6 hours from the nearest city. And yet somehow she stumbled upon it. And the contents therein was a revelation!


Then and now. 20 Years of informing our beauty decisions.

Fast forward 20 (nearly) years and we’re still tracking this magazine down and devouring its contents.   Major props to the Editor in Chief Linda Wells who has been at the helm since the magazine’s inception in 1991 and has somehow managed to keep the contents just as fresh and exciting as it was when we first discovered it.

Why you need this in your life:

The cosmetically challenged and the hardcore beauty junky alike will find something amongst its pages. It is a fantastic reference not just for innovations in skincare and trends in makeup, but also for fashion, health and social commentary.

Allure doesn’t trivialise beauty as being the purely ‘female’ vanity of inane women. We often flick through ‘women’s interest magazines’ to see the same drivel being pumped out about how to heal split ends with egg white and olive oil (cut them!) or articles written without passion by people who have no knowledge of the industry. This magazine does not have the same approach.

Allure doesn’t trivialise beauty as being the purely ‘female’ vanity of inane women.

They write with passion and intelligence for an audience of expectant beauty geeks of the same passion and intelligence. And the visuals… well, even if you’re only a newsagent magazine flipper you cannot deny the magazine is visually stunning. The current artistic director is none other than Anna Wintour. Mario Testino, Steven Meisel and Helmut Newton are counted among the contributing photographers.

So where the hell do I get it?:

If you’re lucky enough to live in the US then subscribe here.

For those of you who are not lucky enough to live in the US, don’t worry neither are we. We’ve done the leg work for you and you’ve got options:

Magnation1. Magnation

Magnation represents a solution to magazine subscriptions that do not ship internationally. They have a huge range of niche titles that are air freighted so will not be 1-2 months old when you receive them. The prices, while you may need to be brave, do include all shipping charges. Be warned, you will get lost down the rabbit hole on this website. Too many lovely things to look at. Magnation is a whole blog post in itself. Stay tuned.


2. Allure Magazine Digital Edition

Certainly the less spendy option at $25US for 12 months! It does however lack the satisfaction offlipping pages and tearing out inspo for your hairdresser/makeup artist/shopping list/unfashionable mother. But then, we live in a digital age and Instagram and Pinterest can fill those
voids for you.




3. Allure Magazine Online (360º Immersion!)

Go to their website. Sign up to their daily newsletter. Trawl their YouTube, their Instagram and their Pinterest. Take a spin on their Product Finder (genius).

4. Make Friends with your local Newsagent

They should be able to order it in for you with options for sea (cheaper but longer) or air freight.

And if you only buy ONE hardcopy of Allure this year, make it in the October Issue. Every October Allure publishes their list of THE BEST beauty products they’ve put to the test. Its a bumper issue full from cover to cover of product porn. Its like crack to addicts like us. DO NOT MISS IT.

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