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Must Read: Sali Hughes | Pretty Honest

“Sali is a total joy to read. She writes about beauty with love, authority and honesty. I trust her completely.”
– Marian Keyes

I can’t even remember how I came across Sali Hughes. It might have been through Caroline Hiron’s blog, or maybe Instagram or Youtube… It really doesn’t matter, I’m just glad I did. I am addicted to her ‘In the Bathroom with…” series on Youtube. Who doesn’t like peeking in other people’s bathroom cabinets? So, when I heard she was publishing a book of essays on beauty, I – the self confessed cosmetic-addict – had to order a copy. And with a recommendation like the one above, by Marion Keyes no less, how could anyone resist?


“I believe looking good to be an important and valid pursuit. All too often, women with an interest in their appearance are assumed to be stupid, shallow or unintelligent. Even traitors to feminism… I believe it’s perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature, to be a woman who paints her nails while shouting at Question Time.”
– Sali Hughes, Pretty Honest

Pretty Honest is the no bullshit guide to beauty for the modern intelligent woman. Sali is a breath of fresh air. Lets face it, we like beauty. That doesn’t make us dumb. In fact, it opens up a whole world of self expression not open to men. (Poor them, but really its their own doing. Heaven forbid me to stop a man wearing makeup. The more the merrier.) Why shouldn’t we embrace it, and for once not have someone talk down to us for enjoying the confidence it brings? Sali’s voice is authoritative and no-nonsense and at the same warm and genuine. Like the the girlfriend you can rely on to tell you the dead honest truth. “How does this look?” “I love you, but… Terrible.”

Cosmetic novices and aficionados alike will find something amongst its pages, whether its information or affirmation. Topics covered range from skin type, to how to shop a cosmetics counter (instant CC approval!), to salon etiquette (more CC love!) to beauty in illness and troubleshooting beauty issues. I found myself reading and saying aloud, “Yes! This woman is saying everything I have been thinking/doing for years!” Now, I am no authority. My qualifications are experience, not training of any kind, but trust me when I say this is sound advice:

How To Spot A Brilliant [Beauty] Consultant
S/he tells you when different brands make something better than hers. A consultant who says ‘Our lipsticks are great, but if you’re only going to own one blusher, make it a Nars’ is a star. Trust her.”


DSC_1707Bottom line, if you:41y1CVIoazL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

  1. enjoy a witty read
  2. are cosmetically addicted
  3. are a beauty simpleton
  4. want to support a strong female voice in literature
  5. judge a book by its cover (such a pretty cover!)

Buy it. Read it. This book is an inspiration.

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