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Its Your Birthday, Here’s a Discount Code (Or a Hundred)

Anyone who has been shopping online for a decent period of time will have signed up to dozens, if not hundreds of retail newsletters. (Not mentioning any names, E, but how’s your inbox looking?)

Often part of the signup process involves divulging some personal details. Name, email, birthdate…

I’ve had a birthday recently and the barrage of ‘Its your Birthday! Here’s a discount code…” emails has alerted me to something I have never really thought about:

Why am I giving them my real birthdate? 

Apart from the obvious security and privacy issues surrounding giving out your name, birthdate and contact details to hundreds of faceless marketers, I just don’t have the kind of money and time needed to sift through and make use of all those discount codes when they suddenly pile-on, all in the same week.

Here’s a smattering of what arrived last week:

Birthday discount

I already keep a loose calendar of when my favourite brands go on sale. There is always a predictable pattern and I like to be able to plan my purchases. So, moving forward I will be spacing out my ‘birthdays’ when I sign up to a newsletter and keep track of them in my diary.

Because these discount codes are usually NICWAOO (not in conjunction with any other offer) I’ll be avoiding months like November (Cyber Weekend) and June/July (Mid Year/End of Season Clearances) where sales will be happening anyway.

Here’s to the next year of birthday discounts – every month!

Happy Birthday to me… ? ? ? ? ?

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2 Amazing Comments

  • Reply Katherine April 6, 2017 at 7:48 am

    This is so clever!!

    • Reply Natalie Banks April 6, 2017 at 8:13 am

      In the 15 years I’ve been shopping online and over 400 newsletters I’ve subscribed to, how have I never thought of it before? I’m beginning to realise though it might require me to change my email address and resubscribe to retailers newsletters. Not a bad thing considering the level of junk I get. And… BONUS: Discounts off 1st purchases!

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