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Don’t YOU keep a Sale Calendar?

Sale Calendar

Plan your purchases. Never pay full price.

Nothing irks me more than paying full price for something I regularly buy.

Because its so avoidable, and who likes paying more than they have to?

Its avoidable because sales, for the most part, work on a 12 month seasonal cycle. You see, retailers are forever trying to beat last year’s sales figures. They break their targets down into smaller weekly chunks and tackle them one week at a time, each week’s results are then compared to last year’s with a eye for growth.

So what happens if you’re a retailer and this week last year you had a sale? How are you going to beat last year? Simple. You have a sale this year too!

And so, its easy to predict when a sale might happen this year, based on what happened last year.

Enter my Sale Calendar.

I started actually writing sale dates down when I started shopping Cyber Weekend sales. Its so frustrating when you know retailers are about to go on sale, but you don’t know exactly when they’ll do it, or what will be discounted. Or if they’ll do that annoying thing where they offer something different everyday and you don’t know until the end which was the best offer to spring for. Which you probably missed out on, because without knowing all the details, you couldn’t commit. Or is that just me?

Knowledge is power my friends. (And savings)

All I’m doing is writing down when I notice a store or website goes on sale or has a Gift With Purchase, and if they state it on their advertising, when it ends. Because I’ve decided to space out my birthday discounts, I’ve also been noting which retailers I’ve told that my birthday is during that month. My actual birthday is in April. I’ve kept ASOS as one of the retailers who have my real birthday as they give out two codes. One a week or so before, and one on the day. That way you can buy your party frock and have it in time to wear it and treat yourself on your birthday which I am highly likely to do. YES to having your birthday cake and eating it!

Those codes, by the way, have all expired. But you’re welcome to try!

Come next year, I will be able to make an educated guess as to who will have what offers and when.

If you want to start your own Sale Calendar…

You could use any calendar or diary you have on hand, but the one I am using is the Schedule Note Months by Muji (which I can now only find on Amazon).

I like it because its blank – you can start any time. Or use it however you like. For instance, during November Sale Madness, I will be combining two rows together for each week as I think I might run out of room around the 24th which is Black Friday.

Plus, Muji’s Schedule Note is slim, A5 in size and has space for nearly 3 years of records. 32 Months to be exact, if you use the inside covers. I tuck mine in to my laptop sleeve and update it as I read my emails. So easy.

Now, tell me

How do you know when your favourite retailer is about to go on sale?

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2 Amazing Comments

  • Reply Katherine May 12, 2017 at 8:34 am

    I try to find out from bloggers and friends! But this is next level organised.

    There are tell tale signs for department stores, especially changing fixtures. Are the fixtures that can hold bulk stock, rather than a minimal display, suddenly at the front? Or even more obvious are there fixtures in the aisles? The old big box retail phrase “stack them high and watch them fly” should be your guide to what is going on sale when.

    • Reply Natalie Banks May 12, 2017 at 8:07 pm

      Totally agree with you about the department stores, or any physical store retailer for that matter. But if you’re a planner or chronic online shopper (where those tell tale signs don’t apply) and have products you regularly buy, a calendar is a good idea. Case in point: I religiously use Clarins Multi Active Day Cream. So I time my purchases so I always take advantage of their GWP offers. With the two major department stores in Australia that means there are 4 times a year I can buy and get freebies. Typically I only need to repurchase twice a year, so this gives me options. PLUS, I love Clarins body products and have NEVER paid for them. There is always a body cream or oil in their gift. 🙂

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