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Its December, but I’m still here!

Oh Hi there! Remember me?

Its nearly the end of the year and true to form, I haven’t posted at all in December.

December is the month of Madness in retail. To give you an idea, retailers make at least A QUARTER of their yearly profits in the the three weeks of insanity leading into Christmas and the one week of clearance craziness directly after.

Thats a lot of man hours and pressure. If you don’t make the Christmas season, you don’t make the year. And of course this season I’ve taken on a larger role with my real-world day job. Nothing like biting off more than you can chew!

Most people who work in retail completely write off the period between Thanksgiving/Black Friday and New Years Day. But, I’ve taken a step back from the frontline of retail (praise Jesus) which means my busy time is November when all the last minute planning to pull December off occurs. This year for the first time in around 13 years I’ve had Christmas Eve  and Christmas off. Can I just tell you, I felt like a Queen. More so than the time I spent my 23rd birthday in London drinking tea and champagne while eating scones and petit fours at the Ritz. I actually got the chance to bake.

Of course though, life never quite goes to plan. Three of my Black Friday purchases didn’t turn up until December 23 so that post has been stuck in draft for a month.

Plus, give me five minute spare time and I will start a new project. We decided to start renovating our house in December.

All this is to say, while it appears that I’ve abandoned my blog, I’m actually working like a mad woman in the background preparing for some HUGE changes in 2017. Because, I can’t just renovate my house, I need to take on extra ventures with my job and redesign my blog from scratch at the same time.

Yup. New and amazing things are coming in the New Year.

And now I’ve put that out there, I’ve got to make it happen.

Stay tuned!

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