Storm Clouds + Droplets Slim iPhone 6 Case

Storm Clouds and Droplets iPhone Case by K isFor Black, sound on Society6

The Storm Clouds + Droplets Slim iPhone 6 Case | K Is For Black

Its August! Can you believe it?

I hereby declare July to be the Month of Procrastination. In June I got all organised. I wrote and scheduled a bunch of posts. I took a lot of photos and pre-planned the next 6 months of skincare reviews. I bought some stuff from Society6 and blogged about my intentions of reviewing them. Then things went a little pear-shaped.

The cushion cover I purchased arrived and it wasn’t the cushion cover I purchased. It wasn’t even a cushion cover! It was the most hideously decorated tote bag – NOT from K Is For Black, obviously or it wouldn’t have been hideous – and I had to get the order redelivered. Society6 were awesome. Their process for wrong orders was completely hassle free. But… I think I was looking for an excuse to have a break. The extra week’s delivery time felt like the right kind of excuse to put off writing for a little while.

And then work got a little crazy.IMG_8090

And then Pokémon Go happened.

And I put off writing…

For an entire month.

(I know… I can feel your poké-judgement. But listen, Judgey-Pants, I know you’ve been playing it too!)

But hey, it means I’ve road-tested the shiz out of this iPhone case and while I’m stuck on level 22 I’m back to report on it. Lets jump in.

Society6 manufacture to order. I ordered this on June 6 and it was delivered to me (or rather, I picked it up from the Post office) on June 24. So 18 days from creation to delivery – not too bad considering I live in the most remote city in the world.

My last iPhone case was Apple’s iPhone 6s Silicone Case in white. What I liked about it was the tactile feel of the silicone. It had a slightly rubbery feel which gave it grip but also somehow managed to keep the white extremely clean crisp and matte. Matte white finishes tend to pick up grime easily. The Apple case was like some kind of magic- it repelled dirt.

It was kind of boring though and after nearly two years, the grippy-ness is what made the case deteriorate. All the silicone peeled off. Time for something new.

So here it is:

Storm Clouds iPhone Case

I like how crisp the product images on Society6 are. (Clearly much more professional than my blurry shot!) The products in person have all looked exactly like the products shown online. To the point that when my iPhone case was delivered, I realised the graphic had a tiny glitch in the print running through the raindrops and its actually shown in the product shot too.


There was never any question I would love the design in terms of the graphics. Anna Dorfman, the creative behind K is For Black is a professional book cover designer among a bunch of other artistic things. I’ve followed her blog for years. I’d like to move into her house. And pretend all her beautiful things are mine. Slightly stalker-ish, but there you go.

The design of the case however, which is by Society6, is another thing. I’m really not sold.

It leaves most of the areas on your phone that are prone to wear and tear completely exposed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that why we buy a case for our phones in the first place? I actually really like Apple’s design ethos and if an iPhone didn’t cost a mint and wasn’t fragile I’d leave it naked. I’m ONLY covering it up to protect it. And this just doesn’t protect it!

You can see in the picture below, all the corners are bare. This was a serious face palm moment when I snapped the case in place. Because, the case is also really slippery. And that, my friends is a recipe for disaster. When it slides out of your hand or slips off a surface how does it land? ON A CORNER!


So far my phone has swan dived off the bathroom vanity when I’ve received a call. Buzzed off my bedside table when the alarm has gone off to a resounding crash right near my head – not what you want at 6am. Shot right out of my work satchel  when I’ve turned a corner in my car and thrown itself into the passenger door. My iPhone has turned into a suicidal slippery bar of soap. So frustrating. Society6, please make a rubberised version!!

And for the love of Pete, please enclose the volume buttons and mute switch. Again, I want to protect these – not from wear and tear, but from gunking up. Ewww.

The Storm Clouds + Droplets iPhone 6 Slim Case is available from Society6 and retails at $35 (US) if you’re interested in checking it out. If you love this droplet design, I would recommend getting it in the Throw Pillow which I have in another design and is very well made. More on that later.

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