Underpants. Minus the VPL

Having been a Bonds Hipster Boyleg kinda gal literally since high school, I’m a little surprised I’m about to say this…

‘Kmart have cheaper, better underpants.’


As much as I love(ed) the Bonds, which in reality were ‘very comfy undies,’ there was something that always annoyed me about them. That damned bulky binding around the leg holes! No one needs this in their lives:


I know, I’m sorry if your eyes are burning. Mine are too. (And I googled images to find this – PLEASE, don’t you do that!) Now that you’ve been blinded, on to the Kmart ‘W-underpants’…

Kmart officially call them ‘Outta-sight Bloyleg Briefs.’ Lets face it, a marketing team is not coming up with these names, because that is truly cringe worthy.

Why are they so good?

They are $5! I can buy 3 pairs for the price of a pair of Bonds HBLs. Zero binding around the leg holes. No thick elastic for kmart undies roundthe waistband. Instead the Nylon/Elastane has been turned under and heat-bonded to itself, resulting in completely flat smooth edges. The only seams are
the side seams, which will match up with the side sems on your outerwear anyway. And truly, if the side seams are an issue for what you’re wearing you should possibly be wearing Spanx. Thats not me being judge-y. Thats me saying fashion can be a fickle mistress and sometimes we all need strapping in and smoothing out.

These underpants don’t show up under pretty much anything else. They don’t even show up under my ‘Superman tights’ – some Vicoria’s Secret Sport gym tights I bought online that turned out to be made of extremely shiny form-fitting fabric that effectively looks like navy body paint. No show even when doing squats. Perfect gym undies. Perfect work attire underpants. Perfect full coverage knickers for under form fitting date night outfits à la Bridget Jones, except not as hideous, because they don’t come up to your rib cage and they aren’t the colour of shrivelled-under-Bandaid skin.

So what’s not good about them?

This is more a reflection of Kmart’s budget way of doing business, and it is a budget store, so we can’t really blame them. Kmart do not make their apparel items available online so unfortunately I can’t link you to the page where you can buy them. You have to go into a store. Which exacerbates the next issue: Kmart normally have 100s of one particular size and none of the others. So you pop into the store and if you like size 12, you’re in luck. They’re ALL size 12. The next store might have mainly size 16s and three size 8s. Its all pot luck. I can’t even tell you the size range these come is as I don’t know (I’ve seen 8-16, but possibly 6-20 like some of their other underwear). Every store has had a completely random selection. I just buy multiples whenever I see my size.

Bottom line (Oh, excuse the pun!):

You need these. They’re $5! And they’re better than Bonds.


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3 Amazing Comments

  • Reply Kat November 2, 2015 at 7:24 am

    Kmart is so good at the moment! Will have to try these. I’ve had luck with Kmart undies before, if you want very comfy g-strings their 3 pack lace g’s are the comfiest ever.

    • Reply CC November 2, 2015 at 5:01 pm

      Hey Kat! Thanks for commenting. I’ll have to check them out. Lord knows I’m in Kmart pretty much every week!

  • Reply Emma November 4, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    I usually get the Calvin Klein ones that are like this but now I know Kmart does these I will be keeping my eyes peeled next time I’m in store. Much cheaper!

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