The Best Sport Bra Of All Time

Incredible By Victoria's Secret Front-close Sports Bra

Yes, thats a big call, but I can back it up. Victoria’s Secret makes a sport bra called ‘Incredible’ and it really is incredible. We’re talking zero movement, zero ‘uni-boob,’ looks good but is still comfortable and is available in sizes 32A-40DDD (Aus sizing 10A-18E)! Now thats not something you’d find in your regular Nike store…


Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Front-close Sport Bra

Firstly, I must confess to having a bit of a VS Sport fetish. When it comes to the gym, I feel like a fish out of water most of the time. If there is anything that can give me a boost of confidence gym-wise I count that as a good thing, and VS Sport does that for me.

Victoria’s Secret know women’s bodies. Their sportswear blends the best of their lingerie expertise with the functionality needed for performance. The result is something that makes you look good and feel confident, but will also hold up to whatever you throw at it exercise-wise. I can go on about this brand, but for now, lets focus on the literally Incredible Front-close Sport Bra.

Conventional Sport Bras are the WORSTSo what is so good about it? Well, to understand that you need to understand how it is different from a conventional sport bra. You know the kind: no cups or wire, just really thick cotton/lycra that you pull on over your head – or at least try to but get stuck. The sort that gives you ‘support’ by strapping your breasts against your chest thereby flattening them and denying they exist. The sort where if they aren’t restrictively tight they will rise up when you raise your arms and serve mainly as a vehicle for a logo than any kind of ‘performance.’

Can you tell I am not a fan? I am not a fan.

The mere idea of a conventional sport bra makes me rant-y. Because they are the worst kind of design: Lazy. And Cheap.

If the conventional sport bra represents everything that is wrong in women’s sportswear, then Victoria’s Secret Front-close Sport Bra represents everything that is right. It is a feat of engineering that actually addresses all the right concerns.

The design acknowledges that women have boobs.

Not only that, it acknowledges that women quite like having boobs, but also want to be upside down acro-yoga style sometimes. Or be able to run, and still maintain a really flattering shape – with zero bounce. Or bend to lift weights with zero spillage and maximum femininity. Or be a gym-junky and wear a DDD cup.

Better yet it takes into consideration the conundrum of removing a sport bra when you’re hot, sweaty, and worn out. I can not be the only person who has danced and kicked and had a hissy fit trying to peel a sticky tight sports crop off over my head all the while my arms screaming with lactic acid buildup.

Lets take a closer look at this engineering marvel:

Anatomy of a VS Incredible Front-Close Sport Bra


The Details:

  • The front-close construction solves the problem of easy on and off. A heavy duty hook and eye holds everything in together as you lock the zip into place, while a thick fabric lining to the zip keeps the closure comfortable against your skin. The track of the zip sits snug against your sternum providing firm hold and preventing the dreaded uni-boob.
  • The cups are full coverage and made from moulded foam. They sandwich around the flexible underwire and continue right down to the band. This ensures ‘the girls’ have no way of escape and are held firmly against your ribcage – but with zero squashing/flattening. A lot of work seams to have gone into getting the contour right. The shape is perfect.
  • Racer back style with vent and wide adjustable elastic straps allow for a full range of movement everywhere you could want it while provide lift and reinforcement to the bust. Wearing these feels very secure, but at the same time non-restrictive. Like the best kind of bear hug. Only, around your boobs, but in a non-sleazy kind a way. Oh, you know what I mean!
  • The long-line shape ensures pressure is distributed over a greater area. This makes the firmness of the support extra comfortable. And also enables the same design to be accessible by those with curves and boyish builds alike. It also makes these sport bras more like a crop and perfect as under- or outer-wear. No need to choose. The fabrics are a shame to cover up – these were made to be seen, even if its just a peek.
  • Flat-locked seams and heat bonded fabrication means the inside is completely smooth and free of itchy, scratchy chafe-y areas.
  • The pièce de résistance? Machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat!



In an extensive range of sizes: 32A-40DDD (Australian sizing 10A-18E)! From Victoria Secret stores. For the Aussies VS’s online store ships to AU for $10 flat rate. Bravo Victoria’s Secret! Bravo!

Prices start from $54.50US (around $79AUD), but make sure you check ‘today’s offers.’ I own four Front-close Incredibles and another three VS Sport bras of other designs and have never paid full price.

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