Finding Closet Space

Its one of those universal truths:

One will fill whatever available space they have.

To the MAX. With things they hoard. Ask anyone who carries a bag – the bigger the bag, the more stuff in it. And I have yet to meet anyone, girl or guy, who has leftover space in their closet. We tend to keep buying until it is full – or just never throw out the things we should if space allows us to keep them.

If you are in need of more closet space (who isn’t really?) then keep reading…

I love a good wooden clothes hanger. They have the ability to make a bargain find look a million dollars. And then there is the satisfaction of a uniformly hung closet. Hooks to the left. Colour blocked. Dresses with dresses. Blouses with blouses etc etc. Choosing tomorrow’s outfit is like shopping in the comfort of your own home. (Or am I the only one who does this?)

Clothes Hangers

They may look lovely, but wooden hangers have their down side.

BUT… They take up so much damn space! (And splintery cheap wood + silk = unhappiness) Just take a look at this. 1ft of hanging rail will only hold 17 garments.

Kmart Homemaker Flocked Hangers - 8 Pack

Kmart Homemaker Flocked Hangers – 8 Pack

Here is where I tell you $50 (more or less) and a trip to Kmart will almost double your hanging space.

I’ve crunched the numbers and you will have 46% of your hanging rail back for the pleasure of filling with new clothes. Yes 46%. I am a nerd. You’re welcome.

Here is what you need:

$50 will get you 80 of these hangers (if you actually have 80 garments to re-hang a) I’m jealous and b) do you need more space for more stuff?).

Kmart’s Homemaker Flocked Hangers look just as good as their wooden cousins but with two important differences: You can fit around 1 garment hung on one of these babies per centimetre of hanging space (more than 2 per inch). They are also nonslip for strappy or slippery garments – and snag free for open weave textiles.

Closet Hanging Rail

Flocked hangers take up a little over half the space of wooden hangers

Some things to note: for heavy items we still recommend a (smooth) wooden hanger as the weight is distributed over a greater surface and won’t create wear on the seams or stretch points into your shoulders. You also want air circulation space. Just because you have all this new found space does not mean you should fill it completely. Musty clothes will be the result. Especially in a humid climate.

The Homemaker flocked hanger range has a few handy extensions:

Kmart Flocked Aceessory Hanger

Homemaker Multipurpose Hanger – Pack of 2. $3

Kmart Flocked Belt Hanger

Homemaker Space Saving Hanger $3

These are optional extras but at under $5 each, why wouldn’t you?

No need to put them inside your closet – we find these handy for holding a ton of accessories and keeping them on display. The Space Saving hanger is perfect for hanging belts by the buckle or bags by the strap. The Multipurpose hanger we suspect was originally designed for ties but is perfect for displaying necklaces and sunglasses.

What bargain space-saving finds have you found at Kmart recently?

Note: This is not a sponsored post.
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