Lust 004: Unboxed, Swatched & In Action

Part 1: Lust 004 – Unboxing

As we’ve seen with Phantom 002 and Skin Fetish 003, Pat McGrath’s product releases are works of performance art in themselves. Lust 004 is no exception. Do you keep it intact as an objet d’art? Or destroy it in a delicious piece of theatre and get at the contents inside? With a format more like a marriage between pharmaceutical and art supplies than covetable luxury cosmetics, these make-up kits are made to be used, not saved. Tear that sachet open and let the magic spill forth!



Part 2: Lust 004 – Swatches

Full of contractions, practical packaging belies the alchemy inside. Formulas that are richly pigmented and paradoxically stain-free. Matte finishes that are comfortable and non drying. And that Clear Vinyl Gloss! No scent, no colour, no flavour. It somehow transforms any surface it touches into a plumped voluptuous slick piece of glass.



Part 3: Lust 004 – In Action

With the command to Use Without Caution lets see what these pretties can do!


Not satisfied with arm swatches? Yeah, I wasn’t either. Lust 004 is way too pretty not to put on your lips! I’ve been experimenting for a few days now. Stay tuned for lip swatches and a more detailed review of the formulas.

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