Pat McGrath Labs: Skin Fetish 003 – Unboxing

Stalking My Skin Fetish 003 Prey

I blame the Pat McGrath Labs website for the fact that I purchased both versions of Skin Fetish 003: Nude + Golden.

I only ever intended to buy Nude.

Its 10pm on April 26, 2016 and I’ve smugly set an alarm on my iPhone to go off at 10 minutes to 11. Last time I bought Phantom 002 they released it 10 minutes early and I breezed through checkout without a hitch. 11pm (in my timezone) is when Skin Fetish 003 will be made available for anyone holding an early access code. And I have the code.

Everything starts off swimmingly. Alarmingly smooth actually. I have open already on a tab in my browser. I have my credit card handy in case PayPal isn’t an option. I have my alarm set.

Skin Fetish 003 Nude InstaAt 10:50pm my alarm goes off, and knowing I’m on the VIP list (so at least only the VIPs will be accessing the website during this first hour of the launch) I confidently refresh my browser and wait for the page to load. But it doesn’t load. The server cannot be found. Even though I was on the site literally 20 mins earlier in preparation. Apparently everyone else was on that VIP list too!

Come 11 pm the amount of people logging on and franticly refreshing had ground the website to a halt. What made it worse is you had to first load the site, which was nigh impossible, then navigate to the product page. Once there you had to enter your password before you could add anything to your cart.

If you could get the website to load, you’d get knocked off the server navigating to the product page. If you could get that far, the server would time out accepting your password and you’d have to start all over again. I had my iPad, iPhone and laptop all trying to load the website. I even commandeered Mr CC and all his tech to do the same! 80-nail-biting-minutes of frustration and I finally got an item in my cart. And then I thought to myself, “Damn it, I’m buying both. After all that hassle, I deserve it!” I wonder how many people did the same?

pat mcgrath twitterI was one of the lucky ones. Three hours after I’d made my purchase and gone to bed people were still having issues with the website and were taking to social media. After Gold 001 and Phantom 002 the social media buzz around Pat McGrath had reached fever pitch and now it was the outlet for everyone’s desperation and frustration.
Here is what I ponder, cynic that I am: Does a company vastly underestimate the attention they have attracted and so is completely ignorant of and unprepared for a disaster in the making i.e. the website of a product launch crashing due to server overload? “I didn’t know we were so loved. OMG that is amazing!” Or, does a company actively push the limits hoping to create the disaster because, you know, promising something amazing, building it up bigger than Ben Hur, and then withholding it a little longer just out of reach only makes their target audience want it so much more desperately? “Look what we did, we broke the internet! Hell yeah!” Hmmm. Money can’t buy the kind of exposure a firestorm of desperation on social media can provide. But then, maybe I am the only one thinking this way.

Anyway, while the team at Pat McGrath Labs ‘wildly underestimated the traffic on their server’ shall we say, the rest of their online sales service was spot on. Delivery to Australia in 8 days! Both packs packaged perfectly with oodles of crinkly paper to keep the contents safe. And just as with Phantom 002, the unboxing of your Skin Fetish 003 is part of the overall product design and experience. A piece of theatre where you have to destroy a little part of the artwork in order to experience it fully. That kind of clever design really tickles my fancy.

But where are the swatches? Where is the review? I don’t care about your shopping experience! (Are you aware what blog you are on?)

I have swatches ready for you. I am formulating opinions. I am playing. And hell, I am enjoying my purchase. Skin Fetish 003 is currently sold out on and Sephora. So I have time. Be Patient. And stay tuned. Its coming.

And in the mean time, watch the video.

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