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So, you’ve watched the Surratt unboxing video, and you’ve read about my year long hunt for a local stockist so I can get my hands on some, but all of the important questions you now have have gone unanswered. Namely, what is the make-up like? And who is the master behind the magic?


“Surratt beauty is a visionary collection designed by top New York City make-up artist Troy Surratt. Fueled by his passion for beauty, Troy has created a line of artistic products that enable you to express your individuality and make a lasting impression.
His customizable approach allows you to explore endless possibilities. Utilizing mesmeric colors and sumptuous formulas inspired by the classic chic of Paris, the pulse and energy of New York City, and the futuristic spirit of Tokyo, Troy had devoted nearly a decade to develop and realize his eponymous line – a dream come true.”


Troy Surratt and Leann Rimes

With Leann Rimes (‘borrowed’ from Instagram)


Joining the lengthening list of makeup artists launching their own lines (think Charlotte Tilbury, François Nars, Bobbi Brown, Kevin Aucoin…), Troy Surratt is known for making up famous faces. Those faces have included Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Kim Kardashian (who hasn’t done Kim’s makeup?), Adrianna Lima and Adele. For makeup aficionados though, perhaps his greatest claim to fame is he was Kevin Aucoin’s assistant and protégé.



Artisique Eyeshadow – ‘POUDRE’Surratt Eyeshadow Swatch PoudreSurratt Eyeshadow Swatch Poudre

Translation: Powder
What’s it like?: Poudre is an opaque (but not chalky), brightening, pale peachy-pink. On my skin tone (as you can see in the circular swatch) it seems very subtle. The swatches were on the inside of my wrist where my skin is quite pale and opaque. My eyelids, like a lot of pale people’s, are quite blue because the skin is transparent so this really does show up opaque and true to the colour in the pan.  Its a very ‘Marie Antoinette’ shade: bright, yet pastel at the same time. Ever-so-slightly-satin-matte finish and the texture is smooth, very finely milled, insanely blendable and almost creme-to-powder.


Artistique Eyeshadow – ‘MARRON’Surratt Eyeshadow Swatch MarronSurratt Eyeshadow Swatch Marron

Translation: Chestnut
What’s it like?: So pretty! Marron is a reddened mauve-y russet brown. The pay-off is intense. You can pack it on until its opaque and then sheer it and blend it out to nothing without needing a transition or blending colour. So. Smooth. It’s reddish russety tones definitely are more apparent on the skin while the colour in the pan looks more pink-mauve. This one is a satin finish  with tiny subtle copper coloured sparkles. Definitely a must for brown or green eyes.


Surratt Eyeshadow swatch Fee DrageeSurratt Eyeshadow Swatch Fee Dragee Artistique Eyeshadow – ‘FEE DRAGEE’

Translation: Roughly…Fairy’s Sugared Confection (think those little metallic cake decorations)
What’s it like?: In some lights Fee Dragee and Marron look very similar. When switched though, Fee Dragee is a much cooler toned shade. A muted taupey eggplant with the same coppery gleam as Marron but perhaps with a touch of pink.  The formula on this one is not quite so intense as Marron, but could be layered over a creme shadow base for depth. This is my favourite from the eyeshadows I chose, for its super smooth satin finish and plum-brown tone.


Surratt Eyeshadow Swatch EnchanteresseSurratt Eyeshadow Swatch Enchanteresse SwatchArtistique Eyeshadow – ‘ENCHANTERESSE’

Translation: Enchanter
What’s it like?: It would be doing Enchanteresse a disservice by calling it grey. Its almost a duo-chrome. A deep blackened base with teal sheen and sparks of silver. The  pay off is ridiculous, reproducing the same depth of colour in the pan easily. The texture is so soft, you can pick up and deposit a lot of colour in a single swipe, without using a lot of product. And it doesn’t drop down.  I mean, At. All. Smokey eyes all the way.


Surratt Blush Swatch PonceauArtistique Blush – ‘PONCEAU’Surratt Blush Swatch Ponceau

Translation: Specifically, the bright hue of the red poppy. It is also the generic name for a family of red coloured azo dyes.
What’s it like?: Ponceau is the standout blush shade. It immediately grabbed my attention. Not just because it is neon coral, but its texture! Ponceau is super densely pigmented. One soft swipe of the finger leaves an opaque trail of product on your fingertip the exact shade of neon coral in the pan. But then it blends. Into a flushed stain that hasn’t melted away by the end of the day. Colours this dense tend to go on streaky or catch on the skin (or worse those tiny vellus hairs on your face). Not so with this formula. As you can see in the swatch, the edges blend to nothingness. This is so brightly pigmented and without any white base that all skin tones could use it and it never look chalky. If you could only buy one thing from Surratt, then this is it.



Possibly the most genius part of the Surratt Beauty line is the modular format the packaging comes in. Totally transportable and completely customisable. All the eye and cheek colours are sold individually and come with a very handy slide-off cover. No need to depot, because these slip right into the compact as is, which also comes in a smaller 4 eye/2 blush size. Now, I like having the endless options of moving my colours in and out of the palette but, if you are so enamoured with the palette you designed, you have the option to peel off the back label of each pan to reveal adhesive underneath and secure your pans into place. Troy, he’s thought of everything!


Surratt PaletteTHE DAMAGE:

Artisique Eyeshadows $29
Artistique Blush $47
Grande Palette $32

All prices in Australian Dollars

As always I did a US price comparison. On Barney’s online store the eyeshadows are $20US and blush $32US. Remember the US prices are pre sales tax, which is calculated at checkout. So at today’s exchange rate that works out to $27.85AUD and $44.55AUD respectively.

Well done Mecca, (and Mr Surratt) for not gouging Australians! Gone are the days of charging $80 for a Nars blush (it will take me a long while to forget though).



(I can’t believe you’re still reading)

LOVE. Its love.

I love the textures which make the makeup fool proof. The colours all have a point of difference that makes them interesting (I am so over nude palettes). The packaging is a masterpiece of customisability. The pricing is better than most makeup artist brands. In fact, I think its a little underpriced for what it is! For instance, I love Charlotte Tilbury, but the gimmicky-ness of the product names and the packaging overshadows its usability and at $60 a blush, I’d choose Surratt. Straight forward and exactly what you want.

Available in Australia exclusively at Mecca Cosmetica Online, or in person at Mecca Trove Stores. In the UK at Liberty, and the US at Barney’s and Sephora.

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