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Trusted Advisors: Lisa Eldridge

In a previous life I managed a cosmetics sales floor for a department store. It never ceased to amaze me how green customers were in regards to makeup. We’re not talking teenagers buying their first foundation. We’re talking mature, professional women still using the horrible little sponge applicators that come with an eyeshadow palette to do their makeup. Women who needed to be shown that eyebrow pencil should not be drawn on in one un-interupted line. Women who use the lipstick testers directly on their own lips with blatant disregard for a little thing called Herpes Simplex. Ignorance is bliss…

That is, until you become acutely aware of your ignorance in the face of someone else’s disbelief at your lack of/outdated/bazaar grooming habits. (Beauty counter staff are not known for their diplomacy.) Embarrassment and a giant wallop to the old self esteem is what inevitably follows.

There is only one antidote for the makeup simpleton (I say this with affection) and that is a Lisa Eldridge education.

I cannot even count the times I have scrawled the name of this makeup artist on the back of bewildered customer’s receipts with the instructions ‘Go find her YouTube channel. Watch some videos. Take some notes. Then come back and see me with a list of what you liked.’

Lisa Eldridge started her career in front of the camera as the makeup artist on the UK TV series 10 Years Younger, however her career includes extensive work with celebrities on the red carpet and magazine editorials. Her advice is better than any I can ever give and I am a bonafide cosmetics addict. (You’ll see.) Her style is impeccable. You could literally pick any of her looks at random, copy her extremely easy instructions and the result would look appropriate, polished and professional even if you have limited skill and resources (we can help you here!).

So without further ado here are the many ways you can learn from the master:


Makeup noobs start here. There really is something for everyone on Lisa’s YouTube channel. She uses her own face as well as a variety of models of different ages and backgrounds. Techniques are beautifully demonstrated and explained in simple terms so each look can be recreated at home. Above and below are two examples of her most watched videos.



LE website

The amalgamation of her blog and her youtube channel, for those now obsessed, this option offers additional content.


LE Insta


A mix of Lisa’s personal and professional life this one is for those that love more intimate insights. Visually rich, just like Instagram should be.




For those who really are getting a first introduction to Lisa, be warned. This is the start of a makeup obsession. At least it was for me. Enjoy…


P.S. For LE Obsessives: She has a new book coming out on October 13…


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