Unboxing Things of Beauty: Surratt

October saw Mecca Cosmetica bring the long awaited Surratt Beauty to Australia. I have been drooling over this range since I saw them in this video by Wayne Goss over a year ago, and they have been eluding me ever since.

I visited the US last year, and much to my dismay Surratt was still out of my reach – only availably at Barney’s at that point, which has flagships in New York, Beverly Hills and Chicago, but alas, not Portland where I was headed! Then as soon as the US/AU exchange rate sky rocketed I discovered Barney’s ships to Australia, but it was too much risk to buy colour makeup at an exorbitant conversion rate without being able to play with it first.

Then, I happened to be in Sydney for my job-in-the-real-world which took me into Myer in the Pitt St Mall. Hello Surratt in Mecca Cosmetica! It had been there less than a week and I was one of the first to play with the testers. (Is there anything lovelier at a cosmetics counter than a brand new untouched tester?) I only had enough time to whet my appetite though before having to head to the airport for my flight home. Thwarted again!

But I returned home with the information that I lived 5 minutes from no less than 2 Mecca Trove stores that stocked Surratt and the determination to visit one of them and make reckless, impulsive and highly satisfying buying decisions the very next day.

Unboxing Rig

Yes, that is an iPhone attached to a selfie stick propped up by my gym water bottle and a Dan Brown book all held together with a lot of sticky tape.

Somehow… SOMEHOW I managed to hold off unwrapping my precious beauties until I could set up this crazy rig with the help of Mr CC (I supervised) and film an unboxing video.

Watching Wayne Goss on YouTube a year ago, I never would have thought I would be posting my own Youtube video. So please watch. And be kind.

More in-depth detail, swatches, photos, pricing and availability will be available shortly in the next post. And if you’re curious what was in the Beauty Loop Level 3 gift with purchase, its in an outtake I posted on Instagram.

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