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Empties: Q3 2015

Empties: When you have so many beauty products its almost impossible to completely finish something. So, when you do, its both an achievement and a sign that you’ve hit upon a winner.

In order of appearance (L-R) this quarter’s empties are as follows:

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula® – Anti-Aging Smoothing Lotion with Alph/Beta Hydroxy

An oldie, but a goodie, as the saying goes. The Alpha/Beta Smoothing formula can be hard to track down but really worth the effort. (I’ve linked it above – search over, you’re welcome!) I have been using this for at least 10 years and usually have a few in back-up supply. Why is it so good? It contains both Lactic (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and Salicylic (Beta Hydroxy) acids which aid in exfoliating the skin. Salicylic acid is also anti-inflammatory. So, if you have dry/flakey/rough skin, suffer from keratosis pilaris, get ingrown hairs easily, or congested (body) skin, then this is for you. It will deal with all these things and thoroughly moisturise while its at it. I do have to point out two things: Firstly, this is not for your face. Its high in mineral oil and the 3rd ingredient is lactic acid so its pretty potent in a very basic way. If you want a facial peel, you need a more sophisticated formula. Secondly, if you have any cuts, are freshly waxed, sunburnt, have itchy/irritated skin, for God’s sake do not use this! It will sting, and I mean STING. And you will be sorry. Bonus tip: its fragrance is not its strong point – it smells of a mix of Ajax cleaning products and cocoa butter. I put this on before bed and wash off in the morning. Its worth the faff. 942995_xlarge

COLAB™ – Sheer + Invisible Dry Shampoo – New York 

This dry shampoo ain’t like you’re ordinary dry shampoo and a must for hair thats silky and bouncy, rather than stiff, gummed up and matte.

i-014224-clarifying-toning-lotion-1-378REN – Clarimatte™ Clarifying Toner

To be really honest I wasn’t too fussed with this toner. Sorry Ren, I love your clay cleanser and Mr CC LOVES the aftershave balm, but this just didn’t speak to me. It got used up as I use toner in my cleansing routine no matter what. Toners add hydration and thanks to our old friends the AHAs and BHAs they help keep skin smooth and exfoliated so that your serums – the stuff you spend the big money on – can do their job properly. The Clarimatte does all that. But so do a lot of different toners. If you dislike things like Alcohol in your skin care and have oily/blemish prone skin then Clarimatte might be something to look in to. I tend to use a bunch of different toners depending on my skin and mood that day.

Oral-B® – 3DWhite® Luxe – Glamorous White™ Toothpaste2222295

I would be on my 3rd or 4th tube of this toothpaste. Love IT. It does what it says on the tin. Removes stains, but doesn’t taste like bleach.

2515-50039_NA_01_330x430L’Occitane – Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil with Almond Oil

Seriously mourning the loss of this shower oil. It smells amazing. Like nougat and marzipan and vanilla and yet fresh and something a little citrusy. Its an oil that foams in water just like a shower gel. And you use it just like a puff-shower-sponge-isolated-white-background-45142050shower gel, although the consistency is a lot more liquid so one of these puff things is recommended. Unlike a shower gel this does not dry out your skin at all and free from SLS which is something I always look out for. To be honest though, I’d by it just for the fragrance. If you can track down the ‘eco-refills’ its better value. And if you are addicted to the fragrance in comes in an entire range of amazing smelling body products. Currently working my way through the equally delicious body oil. Yum.

JOHN FRIEDA – Sheer Blonde® Highlight Activating Conditioner for Darker Blondes

This is something I hauled at Target when I was in the US last year. I think I bought 4. Definitely a case of Australians getting gauged. 700252_xlargeWhen I was there the exchange rate was $1AUD/$1US and RRP in the states is $4.99. Here its around $16-$18! Not cool John Frieda! I’ve been using this conditioner since I was about 18, so… nearly 15 years! It heightens the contrast of natural or bleached highlights by making your hair super shiny (but not slimy in the Pantene silicone overload kind of way) and by reducing product build-up. If you chemically lighten your hair this helps so much with the uncontrollable tangly-ness you experience when your hair is wet and your blonde is fresh. I haven’t died my hair in years (too lazy for the upkeep) but I still go back to this conditioner. I loved the shampoo from the range too and used the duo almost exclusively for about 10 years until I realised I was sensitive to SLS. John Frieda, you make this SLS-free and I am coming back to you, in a BIG WAY. (Even though you gauge Austrlians and I hate paying full retail). Yes, its that good.

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