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La Roche-Posay Serozinc

A cult beauty product for a reason, Serozinc is a surprisingly simple solution of salts and water in an extremely practical aerosol can that soothes the skin and promotes healing.

Why do I need it?

For something so simple, Serozinc is awesome. I’m on to my second 150ml can since April when Serozinc became available in Australia. I’ve used it almost daily since then, morning and night after acids.

What does it actually do? Its hard to say specifically. If my skin was a highly strung person having a freak-out, then Serozinc is its level-headed friend, grabbing it by the shoulders, shaking it and telling it to calm the @#*$ down! My skin seems better able to cope with daily life. Less redness and better behaved. I’ve been able to experiment with stronger actives (retinoids, acids)  and so far have avoided dermatitis.

Serozinc is also very pleasant to use. It has an extremely fine mist and keeps your skin comfortable until you can apply your moisturiser.

My one bug-bear: As you near the end of the can, it looses a lot of pressure and I suspect may get a build-up of salts in the atomiser. The result is much larger water droplets flung at your face. Worth it though, to completely drain the can, thats how good it is.

Serozinc now available in Australia

What is in it?

Only three things!


purified water, sodium chloride (0.75%), zinc sulphate (0.10%)

Where do I get it? / Whats the damage?

Pretty much now available worldwide thanks to the huge following of Caroline Hirons lusting after it. In addition to the online stores linked below, Serozinc is also available in bricks-and-mortar store: Boots in the UK, Priceline in AU and Walgreen/Duane Reade in the US.

Online Availability and Pricing:

Again, the Aussie beauties pay the most:

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