Debossing Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks

You may not have noticed, but, along with an obvious beauty product addiction I also have a small stationary obsession. When I saw that Larry Post, where I purchase my Leuchtturm1917 Notebooks for Bullet Journalling, offered a debossing service for their hardcover notebooks I knew it wouldn’t be long before I couldn’t resist investigating that a little further.

(If you’ve come here via Google looking for a debossing service, I’ve linked providers at the bottom of the page. – CC x)

What is ‘debossing?’ Google sums it up:


gerund or present participle: debossing
1) stamp (a design) into the surface of an object so that it is indented.
“debossed awareness bracelets”
• stamp a design into the surface of (an object).
“the shoulders of the lemon-yellow bottle are debossed with lemons”


As opposed to embossing where the stamp is pushed into the surface from behind to create a raised design. Here’s the result:

Debossing Leuchtturm1917


Mr CC had been listening to me rabbit on about wanting a separate journal for all of my blogging notes, codes, passwords, customisations, checklists, shortcuts, brain dumps, ya ya ya… So when I had my birthday last month and this little beauty had been in my Pinterest Wishlist it was rather a nice surprise (that I completely chose myself – go read the post for an explanation of how I did that!). I really love the tactile feel of the stamped letters.

Your journal when it arrives comes all wrapped up in its original packaging so is perfect for gift giving.

All up a debossed Leuchtturm1917 journal from Larry Post in this size (Medium/A5) will set you back $49.65 ($36.12US) with regular shipping anywhere within Australia. Larry Post also throw in a free pen loop. I got Hot Pink to go with the Lemon Yellow.

For those outside Australia, a similar debossing service is available at the following online stores:

  • EU | Leuchtturm1917 | all-in cost (Journal + Debossing + Reg. Shipping) of €37.40 | equivalent to $42.20US
  • UK | Leuchtturm1917 | all-in cost of £41.90 | equivalent to $61.15US
  • US | Jenni Bick Custom Journals (ruled or plain pages only) | all-in cost of $37.99US

Alternatively, buy your Leuchtturm1917 journal from Amazon and take it to an engraver or bootmaker. Lots of them now offer debossing/embossing/foiling services as well as the usual engraving or repairs.

So, what do you think? Not something I’d do for an every day notebook, but for something important or special, well worth it.

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